Pipe / Tube Pickling (MS/SS)
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Pipe / Tube Pickling (MS/SS)

Pickling for Pipe/Tube (MS/SS)
Pickling plants & pickling tanks for pipes/tubes (ms/ss). "shivas" pickling tanks (plastic tank) are made from chemical resistant thermoplastic and are welded with butt fusion and hot gas extrusion technology (imported from europe) and they are welded as per recommendation and standard dvs 2207 laid down by german welding society. "shivas" polypropylene tanks are designed on "rita" tank building software module.

Process of Pickling Pipe/Tube (MS/SS)
Once the continuously produced pipe/tube (ms/ss) has been shown to meet the metallurgical and dimensional requirements of the ordering specification, it is ready for pickling. The pipe is immersed in a hydrochloric acid/sulphuric acid/nitric hydrofluoric acid solution, which cleans the steel, and removes the oxide formed during annealing. Once the pipe has been thoroughly rinsed it quickly restores its protective, passive film.
  • Low rejection
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Short pickling time
  • Clean working area
  • Reliable welding seam
  • Less pickling tanks
  • Better pickling quality
  • Integral Fume ducting
  • Increased productivity
  • High employees' acceptance
  • Maintenance free & cost saving
  • Low production cost
  • Easy draining of sludge
  • Average Tank life upto 15 years

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